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March 17, 2022
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March 17, 2022

Best Digital Marketing Trends For Educational Institutions in 2022

Digital marketing has become one of the biggest platforms for various educational purposes. People nowadays are  getting friendly to this digital world starting from shopping online, ordering food online, to doing work from home, everything is possible via this digital platform. This digital shift has brought various changes in the educational sector, and even the students have become  immensely active and aware of this digital shift. 

The scenario post covide is entirely different than before. The admission applications in schools & colleges have been started digitally, and the exams have begun to be taken online. Moreover, the students also get their daily homework, assignments, projects and study material via online. This puts in a very important question before us that if all the operations are conducted online, then what about the marketing ?

You may find answer to such questions by the end of this 10 mins read.

One who is Omnipresent Digitally rules the Marketing

The students nowadays are highly active on social media platforms, and most of their decisions are driven by getting influenced on social media. In such cases, educational institutes can take advantage of it by connecting to the students on social media platforms. Just merely posting things online will not help you anyway. A qualtiy content delivery along with the right mix of engagement plays a major role in converting your social media followers to your prospective customers. Only the  content that educates, creates humor and relates to your audience sells The educational brand should often release posts via social media relating to the student’s course, upcoming activities of colleges, posting achievements of the students, life inside the campus, fun games and challenges, etc. 

A Website that is Mobile Optimised

In terms of usage of the internet, mobile phones have surpassed the users using laptops, making it one of the most used devices for surfing.  Having a mobile optimised website helps your brand grow in the following ways:

  • Low Bounce Rate of the website – Which means that your visitors spend more time on the website and the ranking improves.
  • A Mobile Optimised Website means higher DA of your website and as a result you will appear more on searches. 
  • According to a survey 87% of the parents who look for a new school first visit the website on their moble devices. 
  • We will discuss more on the things that are must in your website in the later part.

Email Marketing

 There is a perception that promotional emails dont get opened and are a waste of efforts but wait, we have experiened that emails are one of the most valuable things to target the audience, i.e., students over here. 

Some tips for email marketing that gave our clients 75% better results:

  • Don’t bang on with your sales pitch, create a rapot
  • Share some information that adds value to the reader and then very subtly advertise about yourself.
  • Make your subjective line as catchy as you can.
  • Make sure to take your reader to your website by creating a sense of curiousity.

Google Search

Google Search is the most widely accepted platform that we all use and we somewhere know  what our target audience will search so as so to see us in front of them. Then why not rank on those keywords ?

Optimise your website in all aspects like FAQs, Articles, Infographics and Videos so that you rank on the SERP. There are alot of tools available in the market that help you do SEO. We at Digital Screw use SEMrush for SEO for our educational clients where we delivered 45% better lead gens in the first month itself. 

Online Webinars to know your customers better

Webinars are one of the direct means of marketing where you actuallyu get a chance to show your best side and get alot more customers for your brand. 

So why we think online webinars are the best means of attracting students and their parents are:

  • They get a chance to interact with the faculties which helps them make up their mind.
  • Better the doubt clearing of your student, higher are the chances that they will be your customers.
  • Giving them knowledge about certain topics in the webinars puts you in their good books and through this the conversion becomes a cake walk.
  • It gives you a chance to advertise yourself and show your best USP that your customers usually miss out. 

Professional Website

Your website is your first impression how your prospective customers will make a decision. Here are some of the major points we keep in mind while developing a website for our educational clients:

  • Fast and light website that opens fast because people don’t have time for the buffering.
  • Following a colour theme that goes with your brand throughout the website.
  • Making a heat map and optimising the website accordingly.
  • Access to all the information with more images and infographics and less text because your audience doesn’t love to read long paragraphs.
  • Show them how is the campus life on your website.
  • Attaching a lead magnet like e-book or brochure to take their information. 
  • Easy accessibility to enquiry forms and testimonials.
  • Don’t keep your page depth more than 2 clicks else your students would click the back button.

We followed the above steps and made our clients super happy with the results. Don’t forget to do SEO on your website otherwise it will be no use to put efforts on the website. We at Digital Screw are the only digital marketing agency that develops SEO friendly websites that start to rank right after getting live.

Live To Stream

Live streaming is one of the most trending ways for education, which is why schools and colleges use it to attract students. With the help of live streaming, meetings can be hosted by the college professor, and multiple students can join it by just clicking on the link provided by the college. Moreover, the fees’ structure, college timings, rules and regulations, lectures and other relevant information can be delivered to students by an online meeting which the college hosts. Some of the live streaming applications used very often in modern times are Zoom, Google Classroom, YouTube, etc.

Personal Assistant Or Bot

Students visit many websites of various schools and colleges from different mediums, but not all students choose to get enrolled. The reason for that is they do not get proper details about what they want. So, in such cases, not everyone is comfortable talking with the customer support team, but the chatbox can help to an excellent extent. The institutes can appoint a personal assistant who can interact with the students having queries on the website to get details in brief. This will lead to a smooth and swift admission process.


The above-mentioned digital marketing trends are the best way to attract students and increase the admission process on a large scale. Competition is getting up in all the sectors and industries, and advanced education isn’t a challenge. It has become a requirement to accelerate your fame and visibility in a world driven by data flood and also fight against an accelerating number of other players.