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March 17, 2022
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March 17, 2022

Best Marketing Campaigns Of All Times

What is a Marketing Campaign & why is it relevant in today's world?

A marketing campaign is a way to promote a particular product or brand and create customer awareness about it. This promotion is carried out via advertising on either electronic media or print media. In the earlier times, when electronic media or social media was not a thing, newspapers, hoarding boards, and pamphlets were the commonest channels these campaigns ran. But with the advent of television and later the internet, it became easier to reach a greater audience and create product awareness. 

Marketing campaigns are significant, and they hold significance throughout. As Bill Gates famously remarked, “Content is King,” he indicated the necessity of good marketing content, which contributes to the ultimate success of a company. The marketing unit of a company must select a target audience and come up with clever one-liners, catchphrases, and jingles to attract customers. For example, a company dealing in kids’ items like Tinder Joy or a company dealing in Barbie dolls tend to showcase their advertisements in the most colorful spirit on kids’ channels like Disney or Cartoon Networks.

Best Marketing Campaigns of all times

Now, let us look at some of the most successful marketing campaigns, which resonated well among the audience.

Nike's "Just Do It."

Nike introduced its “Just Do It” campaign in 1988. With his partner Dan Wieden, David Kennedy came up with the slogan, and the campaign included people from varying races, especially blacks, to denote equality. In addition, renowned athletes featured in the ad emphasize the superiority of the product. This is one of the leading campaigns of all time as the #JustDoIt blew up, and the sales saw an increase from $877 million to $9.2 billion worldwide within a year.

Dove's "Real Beauty."

In 2004, in collaboration with Ogilvy and Mather, Dove started the ‘Real Beauty campaign. They made it clear that the project’s main aim was to celebrate the uniqueness of every woman and boost the confidence of women, thereby making them feel beautiful about who they were and how they looked, irrespective of their skin color or body shape. As a result, from 2004 to 2014, their sales increased from $2.5 billion to $4 billion. They also won a couple of ad awards, and it was an acceleration to the ongoing feminist wave of the decade. This was also one of the reasons behind their success, as their strategy included breaking the stereotype of a perfect figure and fair skin and introducing models with curly hair and stretch marks to revert the notion of beauty.

Starbucks' "Unicorn Frappuccino."

One of the leading and most expensive coffee brands ‘Starbucks’ seems to know its strategy fully well. Starbucks can be easily called a snob drink which people consume mainly to make their instagram feeds look more aesthetic. Starbucks, in 2017, introduced the Unicorn Frappuccino, which was a unicorn-colored coffee, and the taste changed from sweet to sour. To push up the profit margin, they limited the sale of this coffee for a few weeks only. The photogenic footage of the coffee in purple, pink and blue that went viral on social media-induced major FOMO (fear of missing out) among people resulted in them lined up in Starbucks stores to keep up with the trend. Thus within a short period, Starbucks sold plenty of this frape.

Coca-Cola's "Share a Coke."

In 2011, Coca-Cola in Australia changed the traditional logo on the bottle. It replaced it with names of people to strengthen customer relations and make the bottle more amusing to its buyers by adding a touch of personal element. This led to the booming of the hashtag share a coke and taking it to the top of the global market on social media. As a result, the sales rose by 2%.

Apple's "Think Different."

Apple Computer’s campaign, which went by the slogan of ‘Think Different,” launched in 1997, not only won Emmy award and Grand Effie award but also pulled the company up from the tangle of bad times and led to considerable profits. These two words, along with black and white posters, had enough power to mobilize sales and to make it one of the most successful ads of all time. Even in 2020, this tagline was used by Mac. 

These were the five most successful and profitable marketing campaigns of all time. In all of these cases, we find the companies used a particular strategy, be it false scarcity, FOMO, social awareness, or celebrity involvement. To place the right nail in the right hole is the most significant aspect of the marketing drives of companies, that is, to use the exact policy which hits the target customers and lures them into consuming their products or services.