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Best Digtial Marketing Tips for Fashion Brands & Boutiques in 2022

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How to utilise digital marketing for your fashion brand and boutique?

Since all consumers began to stay home last march, there has been a 20 percent increase in the time that people spend on their mobile apps. This is fantastic news for fashion marketers with mobile shopping apps. Studies show that the amount of time a consumer spends on a mobile shopping app depends on the total retail sales. In simpler words, people are using mobile apps to shop, and they are also engaging more with mobile experiences that support fashion marketing in India.

Digital marketing ideas for Fashion brands & Boutiques

Create a website

If you have a website for your fashion brand, you can connect with your prospects 24*7 whether it’s day or night, weekday, or a weekend and that too at the comfort of your customer. And this is what customers want in 2022: they can get access to everything without even stepping out. While creating your website, make sure that the look and feel of your website should resonate with the clothes you are selling. Because your website is a virtual representation of your brand. Moreover, just creating your website is not the end of the journey. You must continuously add new content, fix bugs, improve SEO, and test the website for a better user experience in your plan for digital marketing for fashion brands.

Retarget users

Whenever a customer visits your website, he/she will not make the purchase decision instantly, and they might look for other options in the market. So, when they are in the consideration stage, you can engage with them in many ways like Facebook ads, display ads and emails. According to Google, retargeting can increase your sales by 50%. To make your retargeting campaigns and digital marketing plan for fashion brand and boutique successful for prospects, make sure you are not spamming them, not showing them badly designed ads, not running ads without any segregation, and keeping track of when to end the campaign.

Use email marketing

Email marketing can help you get your latest collection, first in the customer’s inbox, then in mind and finally in the closet. This is the power of email marketing. You can collect your prospects’ email IDs and send them emails having offers for various occasions like festivals, birthdays, holidays, and new launches. Email marketing can give good results if you make sure some of the best practises for email marketing do not bombard your subscribers with unwanted emails.

Collaborate with influencers

To target a particular group of audience, you can collaborate with influencers. They already have dedicated followers, and if they review, recommend, or wear your products, you can increase your brand awareness and sales. But keep in mind that hiring influencers can be very costly and sometimes not give the expected results. So, make sure the influencer you are choosing strongly aligns with your brand.

Create style guides

If your fashion brand is offering different clothing items, you can create your style guides and post them on the website or social media platforms. This way, your audience can visualise your clothing items and know how they can look best using your style guides. You can create multiple style guides for various occasions, target audiences, weather, or themes.  

You can create a complete section on your website to showcase your style guides using your clothing items. Additionally, you can also give your users an option to buy the complete look or some specific items from that look. This is an effective way to increase traffic to your website and improve the conversion rate.

Use social media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter can help to promote your fashion brand. These highly visual platforms will help you to showcase your collection and reach a wider audience. Earlier, social media was used to improve brand awareness, but nowadays, brands are also using social media to improve customer experience, gain market insights, and improve brand loyalty.  

While using social media, make sure that you are posting at the right time of the day, posting regularly, having a purpose for your post and most importantly, posting visually rich content to create an impact for your brand.

Run paid ads

As there is a lot of competition in the fashion industry, sometimes it isn’t easy to reach the target audience organically. Then you can run paid ads on different search engines and social media platforms on which your audience is active. Running paid ads in your digital marketing plan for fashion brands and boutiques will help you reach the audience of your choice with near-perfect accuracy. Paid ads can give you much attention and conversions if you use best practises like strong creatives, a clear objective, proper targeting, and relevant CTA.

Try video marketing

Video content is the future of digital marketing. According to a report, 83% of marketers claim that video marketing generates a better ROI. Like any other industry, this stat is even true for fashion brands. You can use video to better impact the audience because the video shows clothes from multiple angles.  You can use your videos on various mediums like email, YouTube, social media, and websites to engage with users. The only thing you should take care of is that there is an agenda for every video.

Backlinks from reliable fashion websites

Backlinking from high-end relevant web pages is crucial to enhance your SEO game. But do you know how to get backlinks from other fashion giants? A simple trick is curating excellent content that adds value to others and creates a willingness to get linked. For instance, an interview of an ace designer or any achievement can give valuable tips to the audience. Pieces of content like this are likely to obtain backlinks.


Beyond setting trends and styles, the fashion marketing industry continues to go with the digital world in the year 2022. As consumers’ clothing desires, expectations, needs change, brands must future proof their marketing for significant changes ahead. Feeling a little stressed? Well, not to worry! If you are looking for a platform to support you with the fashion marketing trends and source you with the digital marketing needs you want to set your marketing right in the year 2022, Digital Screw- digital marketing agency for fashion, is here for you!