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Book Launch Campaign for Karishma Shah

Who Is Karishma Shah?

Karishma Shah,PhD an Integrative Health Nutritionist and Holistic Wellness Coach experienced these benefits when she started living a holistic life. She realized that when she has seen such a transformation in her own life, why not share it with the world? After completing her studies in Nutrition and Dietetics, Karishma deep dived into every aspect of nutrition and integrated wellness.

Why We Suggested Her For A Book Launch Campaign ?

E-books are one of the best hooks for customers in the healthcare sector. Ebooks not only add value as a domain expert but also helps the reader retain the brand in their mind for a longer duration. Giving away some gifts along with the book made it more memorable for the customer.

A lead magnet is a free offer like a piece of content (Ebook or whitepaper, for example), free consultation, webinar, or other experience valuable enough that prospects will share their email address to receive it. This type of ebook is effective because you’re making the lives of your website visitors easier – which should be the goal of any lead magnet you create. Rather than asking them to find all this content one article at a time, you’re packing it up into a convenient bundle that they can keep and refer back to.

What We Did For Her ?

  • Brand Collaboration for Ebook Branding
  • Influencer Shortlist
  • Ebook Designing
  • Proofreading
  • Facebook Ads for e-book
  • Creative Social Media Postings for Ebook Promotion
  • Made a landing page for users to download
  • Used the reader data generated to market our products.


  • Improved Sales for the collaborated brand
  • 500+ ebook downloads
  • 50+ hot leads generated for Ms. Karishma Shah