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March 14, 2022
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March 17, 2022

Facebook Ads Lead Generation Tips For Nutritionists & Healthcare Brands.

With the constantly changing dynamics in the market due to the pandemic, the biggest question for Nutritionists & Healthcare Brands is: How to sustain in the market & generate leads for our business? And ever since everything became online & digital, the questions have been slightly changed to:

How to generate leads with Facebook Ads?

Are Facebook Ads effective in generating leads? 

The answer to the question can be a no if Facebook Ads are not being placed rightly. Still, it can be a big YES, if Facebook Ads are placed by keeping in mind some essential tips about Facebook Ads that have proven to be effective for almost every type of business but especially for Nutritionists & Healthcare brands. 

We know that running Facebook ads for nutritionists & healthcare brands might seem a tricky task to begin with, but if one considers the current scenario we are living in, it looks as easy as a walk in the park. 

With loads of free time in the hands, & With the help of technology, almost everyone has an online presence on Facebook now. It is working out in favor of every nutritionist & healthcare brand as it gives them a more comprehensive & easy to reach audience to convert them into clients. 

And Not only is the audience getting easier to reach via Facebook, but the change in the mindset of every consumer is playing a significant role as well; their mindset has been changing with the pandemic, consumers are choosing to spend on their health & wellness over fashion. Consumers prioritize enhancing their health & lifestyle by working out, taking yoga classes, going to therapy, choosing the right kinds of supplements, slowly but surely realizing the true importance of having a healthy balanced life. It’s not only a good time to market your health & wellness brand with Facebook Ads but rather the best time.

Now that we have concluded why it’s the right time for nutritionists & healthcare brands to take advantage of the current scenario & generate leads via Facebook Ads, we must also look into how to do them rightly. Let’s get started with the tips to help you in generating leads with Facebook Ads 

Understand The Facebook Ad Policies

As simple as it may sound, it is often ignored. The first & foremost thing to do when you’re running Ads Facebook is to keep in mind the Facebook Ad Policies. Your Facebook Ad or any content representing your brand shouldn’t be against the Facebook Ad Policies or anything that might hurt anyone’s sentiments or immoral. Do not use before & after images to sell your products, do not promote self-deprecating content. Although being a nutritionist or a healthcare brand is a big responsibility as it affects your consumer’s confidence, using self-deprecating methods is a technique of the bygone eras. In today’s generation, a brand that stands true to doing everything ethically & is self-aware is the brand that wins in this fast-growing digital era.

Choose A Video For Your Facebook Ad.

Videos are proven to be more effective than pictures and not just a regular video, making it an impactful yet educational one. Give them a piece of advice or something that adds value in their life; that’s when a consumer stops scrolling on Facebook & listens because you’re giving them something useful or valuable in a quick short, simple well made the video without over-selling yourself. Generating leads is easy when you make it about your consumer & a bit of your brand; it’s the perfect recipe for a great Facebook marketing strategy.

Provide Something For Free

*Free* is a powerful word that attracts every type of consumer. Remember, the goal is to generate leads on Facebook, & No matter how overused this word may be, it will never lose its capability to attract an audience. As a nutritionist or a healthcare brand, give them a free session or a free trial product but ONLY if they sign up. Now, this is how it’s done wisely; you’re giving away your products/services for free but in exchange for their basic details by asking them to just sign up with their name, number & email I’d, which brings us to the next point.

Attach A Form Asking For Their Details

Generating leads gets easier only when you’re directly in touch with your target audience. Still, now that you have their basic personal details with the help of this form which can be attached to Facebook ads, or you can enable the learn more button on the Ad, it’s convenient to stay connected without spamming their inbox, use various SMS & Email techniques to convert them as a consumer of your product/service.

Connect Facebook Pixel To Your Website

The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that you place on your website. It collects data that helps you track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences for future ads and remarket to people who have already taken some kind of action on your website

Try Different Ad Sets Like Carousel

Carousel ads have proven effective in increasing sales. In fact, according to a Digiday article, analysis shows that carousel ads outperform regular ads on Facebook. They can drive 10 times more traffic in just three months.

Keep Your Hook In The Ads

A marketing hook is a tagline, slogan or jingle that’s both memorable and aligned with your brand. It’s an effective extension of your brand, because it supports the product and helps lure customers into at least checking you out.

Leave Some Room Of Curiosity For Them To Click The CTA Or Visit Website


A Call to Action (CTA) on a website is an instruction to the visitor in order to encourage them to take some kind of action. A Call to Action might be simple instructional text, such as “call us now”, “find out more”, or “subscribe to our Newsletter”. A good CTA promotes a high value yet is low risk for your audience. Employ a zero-pressure approach. Let your audience know that they are simply finding out more without committing to anything. Use persuasive writing skills.

Use Pastle Colours Creatives If You Are Making An Ad For The Healthcare Industry

Choosing which colors are the ideal palette for your marketing and advertising efforts is part aesthetic, part testing and part science—much more than you probably realize. The science of color marketing will help you communicate your messages most effectively. Picking the right colors in marketing and advertising can help you communicate different messages to buyers.