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March 17, 2022
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March 17, 2022

How To Use LinkedIn Marketing Ads

Tired of blindly marketing and not connecting with the people who match your brand? LinkedIn provides the perfect opportunity and platform to target suitable like-minded consumers.  It might not be the most conventional choice, but it can be strategically leveraged to promote brand awareness and generate sales. 

Let’s walk you through running LinkedIn Marketing Ads. Once you have LinkedIn Campaign Manager, you can use LinkedIn Ads in five steps:

Determine An Aim (Visibility, Evaluation Or Sales)

LinkedIn employs objective-based advertising, which allows marketers to create ad campaigns tailored to specific business objectives.

Businesses may work their way through all three stages of a sales funnel, from awareness to conversion.

LinkedIn Awareness Ads

Begin with an awareness campaign to have your brand on customers’ brains. These advertisements encourage people to talk about your products, offerings, and brand.

You may also attract more connections, boost views, and stimulate more interaction with this impression-based marketing.

LinkedIn Consideration Ads

If you want to qualify leads already familiar with your business, go with a consideration ad.

These commercials are designed to assist marketers to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase the number of visitors to your website and landing pages.
  • Encourage visits to other social networking platforms and websites, as well as likes, comments, and shares.
  • Video views: Use video to tell your company’s narrative, show off your latest product, or show a day in life.
  • Consider running a conversion ad on LinkedIn if you want to generate leads or close a deal.

LinkedIn Conversion Advertisements

 Consider a conversion ad if you want to create leads or close a transaction.

  • They can assist in achieving the following three goals:
  • Lead generation: Generate leads on LinkedIn by filling out forms that are pre-filled with information from your LinkedIn profile
  • Increase website conversions by encouraging more users to download an ebook, subscribe to a newsletter, or buy a product
  • Applicants for jobs: With a job posting, you can get the word out about your company’s current employment position.

Choose Target Parameters

How does LinkedIn Targeting Work?

LinkedIn’s ad targeting enables you to execute an effective ad campaign since it leads to higher engagement and conversions when you target the appropriate individuals.

Regardless of the form of ad you choose on LinkedIn, the selection process for the audience you want to target is the same.

Determine An Ads style

What types of ads does LinkedIn offer?

  • Sponsored Content -Also known as native advertisements, appear in your audience’s LinkedIn feed, whether they’re on a mobile device or a desktop computer. To separate them from ordinary material, LinkedIn classifies these advertisements as “promoted.”
  • Sponsored Messaging- allows you to send direct advertisements to LinkedIn users’ inboxes.
  • Text Ads- If you’re trying to create solid leads with a professional audience, Text Ads appear along the top and right-hand side of LinkedIn’s desktop feed.
  • Dynamic Ads- Dynamic Ads appear on LinkedIn’s right rail and personalize the experience for users. When an individual’s personal information, such as their photograph, employer’s contact, and work title, appears in a Dynamic Ad, it is mirrored back to them.

Determine An Ads budget

Set a daily budget for your company’s marketing costs that genuinely works for business. Test and assess the performance of each campaign and ad variant before putting a lot of money into one.

Bid Types

The three options you have in this area are:

  • Automated bid allows LinkedIn to calculate the amount that will best achieve your campaign goal and whatever choice you select (clicks, impressions, or conversions).
  • The maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bid indicates how much you’ll be paid each time somebody visits the website. LinkedIn will recommend a bidding spectrum budget and the intensity of competition for your advertising – the more marketers bidding on a comparable campaign, the larger your bid must be. This is the highest amount you will be charged. You will only be billed the present rate if the current rate is lower than your maximum bid.
  • Maximum pay-per-1,000-impressions (CPM) bid, in which you’ll be paid a certain sum for every 1,000 people who see your ad on LinkedIn. This option isn’t available if you’re utilizing the LinkedIn Audience Network option.

Evaluate The Success Of Your Campaign

The metrics can be based on the objectives like Impressions, CPCS, CTRS, Conversions, etc.

Now we’re all clear on how to use LinkedIn Ads, let’s see how to Set Up A LinkedIn Ad

Sign Up Or Login To The Campaign Manager

All of your advertising operations, such as running ads and monitoring your budget, will be managed through the Campaign Manager platform, commonly known as LinkedIn’s ad manager.

Choose your Target Audience

Matched Audiences also gives you the option of connecting with people you already know. This may be accomplished by retargeting visitors to your website or inputting a list of email addresses.

Design Your Budget & The Campaign Schedule

Depending on other competitor bids for your target clients, the Campaign Manager will suggest a price range. The first 2-4 weeks are usually regarded as a learning period in which you discover what works and what doesn’t.

Create Your Ad

Select the appropriate content. LinkedIn can help your content reach the appropriate individuals, but it can’t keep them hooked to their screens.

Measuring Ad Campaign Performance

The analytics dashboard for your LinkedIn advertising will be the first element you’ll see when you login in to Campaign Manager. You may obtain performance stats, statistics, and demographics from this page. 

LinkedIn ad campaigns, with the correct amount of discipline and planning, may be a big influence in your business’s marketing strategy. LinkedIn offers a robust ad platform; don’t forget to include it in your social campaign advertising strategy.