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What Is Koff Club?

Koff Club. Is an ISO 9001: certified company. Assurance of Quality is the main Aim of Koff Club. The company aims to provide our customers with superior quality products with our stringent testing process. They know the norms of the industry, and we also follow them in our manufacturing process. The company follows the principle of constant growth by introducing new adhesive products and services and innovations and meeting the demands of changing trends of the adhesive industry.

What We Did For Them?

Packaging was created along with the product catalog.

  • Container Packaging Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Website Design
  • Letterhead Design


  • 2000+ Instagram Followers in 1 month after launch
  • Premium packaging design
  • Vivek Oberoi became the brand ambassador
  • Increase in market share of Koff Club