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 Marketing Collateral That Your Business Needs

Planning to promote your business with Marketing Collaterals? Here’s the key! But before going straight to the methods, you should know what marketing collateral is.

Marketing collateral is digital or printed material used to promote a company’s service. Marketing collateral includes different varieties like videos, graphics, e-books, newspapers, etc. These elements that are contained in marketing collateral have a significant impact on your brand. As a result, giving your marketing materials a bit more thought in terms of design might help you develop your branding. 

Every company uses a different type of marketing collateral, according to their need or product. For example, if your product needs to be focused on visual appearance, then you will go for videos or infographics.  Here is the list of some of the types of marketing collateral that are frequently used and are the famous types of marketing collateral used by different companies.

Blog Posts

A blog post is a very powerful tool for business marketing as you can share all the important things about your company. You can write a blog on your website containing the information about your product. A blog is a perfect way to keep your website fresh and connect to topic areas that customers will find valuable. 
  • Blogs help in improving search engine optimization(SEO). SEO is important for any business to be seen.
  • Blogs are a great way of focusing on a single topic and including CTA (call to action) at the end to convert the reader into a lead.
  • Blogs are frequently used for educational purposes. The information you share will increase the knowledge of the audience for your field. 
  • You can frequently update your audience about your company, services, and products.


An e-book or electronic book is a book available in digital form made up of text, images, or both. An e-book is readable on electronic devices such as phones and computers. Your customers can purchase, download, and start reading them within a few minutes.

  • E-books don’t require any paper to be manufactured.
  • You practically don’t need any space to store them.
  • E-books can be interactive and contain audio, video, and animations that attract people much more than just written info.


Videos are the best type to promote your business or product. Videos are attractive visuals used by many businesses as well as on other platforms. With video, we can showcase our product or business to the audience in an interesting way.

  • Clips and videos increase transformation rates
  • Video familiarizes audiences with your business and product.
  • Videos are easy to share with people as once you share your video on a social platform, it will be on the top of the content sharing type as videos are shared and re shared more often.
  • With videos, we can make tutorials, explainer videos, and personal videos that can show our content in a personal way as well as a formal way.

Case Study

A case study is defined as a deep study about an individual, group, community, etc . The hope that learning gained from studying one case can be generalized to many others. A case study is also a visual and textual highlight of previous work.

  • When writing a case study it is important to interview your client to know their experience.
  • The goal of the case study is to show how other companies achieved success with your product or services.
  • A case study can differentiate the product or service created in a positive change in a short period.
  • Using a case study you can create your own story on how you help your client or solve your client’s problem.
  • Maintaining your case study allows you to show your benefits to other clients or businesses.


Testimonials are essentially condensed, snackable case studies. Many — if not most — prospects don’t have the time or interest to delve into a full-on case study. If you want to reach them, you’re going to have to provide quick-hitting content that they can glance over passively

Landing Pages

Landing pages are essential to all businesses as they help improve your relationship with your user base. They track data, remove distractions and unnecessary friction and optimize your brand to provide a better sales experience. Landing pages also make customers see value in your brand, which leads to high conversion rates. They bridge the gap between advertising and your brand and effectively. Remember, every business is different in terms of objectives; so are landing pages. Make sure your landing pages are committed to serving your specific business goals.


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Business Cards

Business cards are essential for every business person who has any contact with external businesspeople. Although business cards could be considered old school, everyone is still using them. And it’s obvious why: Business cards allow you to swap contact information in a very quick and frictionless way.


Calendars make great marketing collateral. Everyone needs a calendar and is happy to get one for free. Accordingly, provide your prospects with a free calendar that’s branded with your expectations.


Brochures continue to play an essential role in developing awareness of any brand or company. These are excellent marketing tools for reaching out to customers worldwide. It helps in narrating out the perfect introduction of the company to all its viewers. Brochures also serve as a networking tool, giving businessmen a chance to connect to more opportunities