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Connect with prospects directly, improve conversion

Email Marketing in Raipur can help you acquire new customers, nurture them, and retain them. Crafting a good email for various business purposes needs professionals’ experience and expertise. We at Digital Screw, can help create emails based on your business goals. As a brand, you need to create an email list of prospects that you want to target for your marketing campaigns.

Why do businesses need Email Marketing in Raipur?

  • Every business needs emails marketing because
  • It is cost-effective
  • Allows you to deliver a targeted message based on the position your audience is on sales funnel
  • Help reach a global audience
  • Allows you to reach audiences that have already engaged with your brand before
  • Helps improve sales
  • Easily measurable as you can track open, click-through and conversion rates of your emails

Our Email Marketing Services in Raipur

We help create the following types of emails for our clients:

Email Newsletters

The purpose of sending monthly email newsletters is to provide subscribers with helpful information. Brands usually encourage their web visitors to subscribe to the email newsletter in exchange for getting monthly updates. Therefore, you need to ensure that your newsletter should contain information that your audience will consider valuable. Include ‘how-to’ guides, various helpful tips, announcements about upcoming product or service launches, etc., in your newsletters.

Emails For Customer acquisition

The purpose of sending these emails is to acquire customers for your business. Use these emails to promote attractive offers or informative content about how they will benefit from purchasing from you. The ideal recipients of these types of emails are the visitors who have subscribed to your email newsletter but haven’t yet purchased from your brand. As these emails target audiences that have previously shown interest in your business, they can effectively help convert leads into paid customers.

Retention Email

As the name suggests, the intent behind these types of emails is to retain your existing customers. For instance, you can send emails requesting feedback for the products they purchased or services they have subscribed to. Besides, you can also reach out to subscribers or existing customers who have not interacted with your brand recently. When you keep these types of communication open with your customers, it makes them feel appreciated and valued. It further encourages them to become repeat customers.

Promotional Emails

These emails can effectively help drive sales. You can promote your ongoing campaigns, offers, discounts, etc., to your target audience to encourage them to purchase. Moreover, you can use these emails to present exclusive offers to existing customers, cross-sell to your existing customer base, etc.