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Paid advertising, reach relevant audiences faster, improve ROI

Paid Ads by Digital Screw

Pay-Per-Click Advertising or PPC ads can effectively target your most relevant audiences. It helps you reach the audiences already looking for products and services similar to yours. Based on your business needs and audience types, our professionals at Digital Screw can help develop customised PPC ad campaigns to increase sales and earn more revenue, crucial for your business growth.

Why do businesses need Paid Ads?

  • Get immediate results
  • Unlike organic techniques, you will notice an increase in sales and conversion faster with PPC Ads.
  • Cost-effective
  • With PPC ads, you have control over your ad budget. Moreover, you have to pay for your ads only when someone clicks on them.
  • Easy to manage
  • You can stop or resume your ad campaigns at your convenience.
  • Improve web traffic
  • PPC ads are a great way to improve your web traffic.
  • Improve Return on Investment
  • With sales being the primary focus of your PPC ads, they can effectively help improve your Return On Investment.
  • Reach prospects at the right time
  • We use different PPC advertising tools that help schedule ad campaigns for a specific time for particular locations and demographics of your audience.
  • Generate leads in a preferred location
  • With Geo-targeting PPC ads, you can target specific areas to generate more leads and convert them into businesses.
  • Improve SEO
  • PPC ads allow you to test your keywords before you include them in your overall SEO strategies.
  • Retargeting
  • PPC ads allow you to retarget the consumers that have visited your site previously but didn’t purchase. Based on their activity on your site, you can determine which ads to serve them.

Our Paid Ad Services

  • Our customised PPC ad services include running advertising campaigns on the following platforms.

  • Google Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • Twitter Ads

  • LinkedIn Ads

  • Remarketing/Retargeting

How Does Our Advertising Agency in Raipur Work?

The ultimate purpose of advertising a brand in Raipur and its offerings is to deliver a promotional message to your target audience and convert them into paid customers. Therefore, the work of an advertising agency involves persuading your audience to purchase from your brand. In this regard, they use their resources to achieve their business goals. 

They create advertisements and present them to the relevant audiences using appropriate mediums at a suitable time to improve sales and conversion. This blog will further provide a detailed discussion regarding the workings of our advertising agency.

Roles and Responsibilities of our  Advertising Company in Raipur

The following are the most crucial roles and responsibilities that an advertising agency must fulfil. Let’s learn more about them.

Market Research

Before starting any advertising campaigns, brands need to conduct thorough market research. In this regard, they can consult an advertising agency. Market research helps brands and advertising agencies understand their target audience’s market trends, interests, and preferences. Further, they also monitor their competitors’ activities and analyse them. It helps them develop effective advertising strategies for the market and their audiences.

Google Ads by Digital Screw
Social Media Ads by Digital Screw

Create Ads

The next course of action on which the advertising agency works is the creative aspects. In this stage, they hire copywriters to create ad copies, brand taglines, scripts of ad films, etc. In addition, they hire graphic designers to design logos, banners, posters, etc.

Selecting The Right Platform

The success of an advertisement, i.e., improving sales and conversion, doesn’t solely depend on how compelling the ad copy is. In addition, it also depends on selecting the most suitable platform to deliver the same to your target audience. While conducting market research, an advertising agency can determine which platform your target audience is most active on. They use the same channels to deliver your brand advertisement for higher sales.

Account Management

Managing an account means understanding your client’s goals, needs, and preferences and conveying the same to the creative team. An advertising agency has to work on acquiring new clients and retaining them. They maintain transparent communication between clients and the ad developing team. The purpose is to ensure that the creative team understands their clients’ business goals and develops and executes effective advertising campaigns to achieve them.


The budget of an advertising campaign is crucial for clients. Hence, an advertising agency’s work involves understanding their client’s budget requirements. Further, they need to provide details of the possible expenses involved in any advertising campaigns. It will help brands to make critical business decisions concerning their ad campaigns.

PPC Ads by Digital Screw

Sales Promotion

Another crucial role that advertising agencies have to perform is sales promotion. This activity aims to encourage prospects to purchase from your brand. An advertising agency will need to develop strategies to increase sales and profit. For instance, they might present various short-term incentives, such as limited -periods offers, to create a sense of urgency. Such strategies are pretty effective in making the journey from audiences to paid customers shorter and improving sales.

Developing Marketing Strategies

An advertising company in Raipur can also help brands develop effective business marketing strategies. When marketing and advertising activities are in sync with each other, they can help improve sales. Based on your business goals, budget, and your target audience, an advertising agency can help develop effective advertising campaigns to boost your marketing efforts. Together they can help improve sales and profit for your business. Our advertising services in Raipur will keep its clients updated about every stage of your campaign and its results.


When your brand offers appropriate products and services to relevant audiences at the most suitable time, it improves the chances of sales conversion and earns more revenue. Thus, an advertising agency in Raipur works to improve your business sales through all the roles and responsibilities mentioned earlier.