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March 17, 2022
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March 17, 2022

Running effective Twitter Marketing Campaign in 2022

Marketing campaigns are an essential component of nearly every company’s growth and can help a business increase its brand awareness, bring in new customers and generate more sales.  In this era where almost everybody is on social media, it is a great tool to start a marketing campaign. 

But now, the question arises on which Social Media Platform you should choose?

Although there are many social media platforms where you can run ads, we will specifically talk about Twitter in this blog. Since it is one of the highest-rated social media platforms with millions of users worldwide, it is a perfect platform to start your campaign. The good thing about it is that it provides you with 3 bullet points to help you run your marketing campaign more effectively.

  1. Awareness 
  2. Consideration
  3. Conversion

Let’s understand them one by one.


This point completes the primary objective of marketing, i.e., reaching maximum people. The reach objective maximizes the number of people who see your ad within a set period. This campaign objective also gets your name there, drives awareness, and connects you with potential new customers.

Some ways by which you can increase you reach is by-

  • Using trending ad formats like image ads, video ads, website buttons, carousel ads, moment ads, etc. It is good to use 3+ formats to drive a more influential audience.
  • Your creative should feature strong eye-catching visuals, be short (15 seconds or less for videos), include persistent branding, and have a temporary copy (50-100 characters). You can promote Tweets published organically or create new Tweets that are only announced to your targeted audience.
  • We recommend automatic cost bidding because it’s more flexible, cost-effective, and updates based on real-time auction dynamics.
  • Twitter offers industry-leading targeting features, including conversation and event targeting and custom audiences. Target with a focus to increase your reach (such as those similar to your existing followers, past website visitors, etc.), break out mobile vs. desktop targeting, and experiment with different combinations to find the best fit for your brand.
  • Once your campaign is live, you can track real-time results in your Ads Manager dashboard. Important metrics to track include CPM, Total Impressions, Total Spend, Total Audience Reach, and Average Frequency.


It is essential to see who you are targeting on an excellent campaign and how you are targeting. Once you figure out who you are targeting, the next task requires a little analytical and creative thinking.

Some things you can keep in mind are-

Get People To Watch Your Video

People come to Twitter with a discovery mindset, and relevant, fresh videos are the perfect way to catch their eye. Video Views campaigns extend the reach of your videos and help brands drive awareness with efficient, quality views. These campaigns also foster connections with customers who are more likely to engage and watch your video with all kinds of media-friendly formats, including native video, GIFs, and live video.

Pair Your ADs With Premium Content

Nearly half of people who come to Twitter daily follow our Amplify pre-roll publishers*, and using Twitter Amplify to connect with what’s happening drives +68% campaign awareness and +24% message association.

Your target audience is already watching videos — tons of them. Amplify campaigns help you build brand relevance and align with consumers’ interests while providing customizations and integrated brand safety measures along the way. Your pre-roll video or branded sponsorship will be paired with some of the best video content from the world’s most-watched and rising publishers.

Get People To Install Your App

App install campaigns are the perfect way to connect with Twitter’s mobile-first audience and drive more app downloads. This objective helps promote the widespread visibility of your app to the people who are most likely to convert seamlessly from Twitter to the app store. This is great if you’re looking to showcase new features or reach new mobile audiences. And with improved prediction, supply, and measurement capabilities, this campaign is stronger than ever. 

Note: Twitter users are +38% more likely than Non-Twitter Users to have downloaded an app directly from an ad online.

Drive Traffic To Your Website

Increase traffic to a designated webpage and encourage visitors to take action once they get there — whether that’s reading your latest press release or making a purchase.

Get People To Engage With Your Tweet

Engagement campaigns put your name and products in front of your audience. They raise awareness, start conversations, and increase engagement metrics. This means more likes and retweets, replies and profile visits, link clicks, and more.

Build An Audience For Your Account

The follower’s objective allows you to promote your Twitter account within the timeline to attract new followers and grow your audience on Twitter. Run a followers’ campaign when you want to increase the number of prospective customers who follow your account. 

Your followers are also likely to become brand advocates and customers. Once you acquire paid followers, you have the opportunity to engage with them every day to spread reach, word of mouth, drive web traffic, purchases, leads, downloads.

Encourage action from your App Users

Drive people to open, update, or take a specific action in your app with app re-engagement campaigns. This campaign objective will keep your app top of mind, and drive brand loyalty and in-app conversions from your existing customers. This is especially great for re-targeting infrequent users of your app by surfacing and promoting new content, rewards, and perks. With Tweets optimized for the mobile marketplace, people will be able to transition seamlessly to your app directly from their timeline. 


So, by using these tips and tricks you can run a great campaign in 2022.