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Who Are AIF & PMS Experts ?

AIF & PMS Experts India is an AIF & PMS portal that has vendors on it which provide their services. AIF PMS Experts India is a multi-asset Alternative Investments Focused company. Their key services include Portfolio Management Services, Public Equity (both listed and unlisted), Venture Capital, Private Debt Structure Products, and Real Estate Alternative Investments.


Why They Use Twitter?

The company uses webinars as one of the means to generate leads for its business. The audience for them was HNI people who were present only on twitter and linkedIn. Most financial institutions use Twitter for the same reasons — to promote their brand, help reach a younger demographic, and respond to customer complaints. Twitter audiences can watch your every move. Customers love when companies go the extra mile for them.  Twitter is one of the best platforms to gain their loyalty. Developing a social media contest is a common way for banks to connect with customers. And it’s a good chance that winners will share a post about it with their followers.

What We Did For Them?

  • Increased their followers
  • Delivered Engaging tweets that got 70% more engagement
  • Made the Brand Presence on twitter for 8 – 9 times everyday
  • Increased the graph of people who mentioned us
  • More website clicks
  • Redirected the audience to click the CTA
  • Made Hashtag campaigns
  • Utilized the trending hashtags in the brand content for improving reach
  • Made threads to deliver our brand story that connects with the audience


Increase in followers by 65%

Increase in Impressions and tweet engagement by 48%

Got Retweets by people with 1M+ followers

1000+ Monthly website Taps