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How can Email Marketing fuel your overall inbound strategy?

Email marketing is a simple term but serves various functionalities. Email marketing offers you brand awareness, increases customers, garners potential leads, and retains existing customers. Thus, a good email marketing campaign through the best email marketing services in India has the potential to pave the way for your business to greater heights of success.  The first step in the hunt for the correct email marketing service provider is choosing a provider according to your goals. Clearly defining your goals can help determine which email marketing solution is ideal for your business. For instance, do you want to spread awareness about your brand or enjoy new customers? 

There are other factors too which you may want to consider like:

  • Templates: Look for an email marketing service provider capable of offering a wide range of designs, not-so-rigid layouts, and mobile-friendly templates that will look great on any device. 
  • Tracking: Keeping track of your email’s performance is essential. We create a dashboard with all the statistics you need.
  • Automation: Email automation is pretty complicated, but a trustworthy email marketing service provider like digital screw will know how it is done. Be sure that your service provider is dedicated to scheduling the workflows and sending automated texts. 
  • Flexibility: You have to know your target market very well. Thus, you have to know what type of devices they are using. Emails with many videos and moving images won’t work on older devices; thus, email campaigns have to be fully optimized to work on various devices. Digital screw is an email marketing service provider, experienced enough to do this. A clear motive can help you find your ideal service provider; all you have to look for is a service provider who fits in with what you need. 

Delivery Rate

Investing more and more in email campaigns does not mean sending more and more emails to create healthy relationships with your customers. To garner potential buyers and retain existing customers, ensure that emails successfully reach a prospect’s inbox. 

Not every service provider can ensure that your email will be delivered successfully; thus, you must know their delivery rates before hiring one.

Customer Service

We offer the best email marketing services in India that will work for you as a part of your marketing team, and you will have access to us anytime. For example, during any critical situation, you need to have a conversation with the service provider; the service provider must respond at the right time. Thus, before hiring any service provider, you have to check their customer services, for instance, how much time they take to return calls and emails. And checking client testimonials are a must.

Why choose us as your Email Marketing service provider in India?

We Create Killer Subject Lines

An essential tip that attracts consumers and buyers towards your brand is to write attention-grabbing subject lines. The subject line is vital to run any email marketing campaign as it generates enough interest in your readers. It pushes them to open your emails, thus enabling higher open rates. A killer subject line has the potential to develop an interest in people to open them, so ensure to keep it short and simple and convey what exactly you want to share. Most of the subscribers decide to open a message based on the subject line to craft them and set aside time to A/B test your subject lines.

We Personalise Your Emails

As a part of our email marketing services in India, personalization takes the top position because it helps marketers scale their campaigns efficiently. In email marketing for agencies with advancements in AI technology, good email templates are provided to help you set triggers and send automated emails. With different types or levels of email personalization, you can choose to add the receiver’s name in each email or send separate emails to additional subscribers based on your sales funnel. Personalization helps to set you the right tone and result in high conversion and engagement rates.

We Keep It Short & Visual

To have an effective email marketing campaign, our best  email marketing services in India go for short and precise content. Instead of choosing lengthy emails, having a short one can give your emails the respective effect you need to convey. People will undoubtedly open and read your emails, or else they would skim in case of heavy and wordy emails. So, make your content as easy to read as possible and, above that, make it visually appealing. Use more visuals than text and keep it well-structured. For your paragraph content, we use bullet points that can emphasise your message to the audience.

We Optimise Your CTAs

Click-through action is an essential element of email marketing. This strategy is evergreen because it prompts the subscriber to perform your desired action. The CTAs tend people to read the whole email or to check out and buy your latest products. But to get the desired clicks on your email CTAs you need to strategically plan the placing of those CTAs within your email body. If possible, you can even highlight them or use more contextual CTAs, instead of promotional ones. Additionally, our email marketing services in India try to make your emails look relevant and valuable, as this will only lead you to success in email marketing.

We Create Mobile-Friendly Emails

Whenever you design an email marketing campaign, plan to create mobile-friendly emails that can be read from any device. With the advent of mobile technology, email marketing has been tremendously in demand as people are more active to read their emails on the go. So our  email marketing services in India make sure the content is mobile responsive, and the images you render are adjustive to load on all mobile devices.

We Create a Marketing Funnel

Creating an email marketing funnel is also one of the essential tips that need to be implemented. For that, it is necessary to create a landing page and drive traffic to it. As no marketing channel can work on its own, it is imperative to build an email list. Nurture the list members, or else it’s easy to get lost on the way. Marketing funnel tools can keep track of your business objectives and maximise your conversion rates.

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