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Nowadays, many companies are thinking about how they turn into paid leads with the help of an advertising agency in India. So, they think that making a website attractive, putting the marketing activities, and converting the web customer to the leads. But, in this case, most of the marketers are failing. 

So, it is important for your business if you want to increase the paid leads then firstly you should know about the basic needs of the visitor. Our advertising company in India will help you to understand the process of Paid ads in detail.

Our expertise that makes us the Best Advertising Agency in India

Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn Ads is a paid marketing platform that gives you access to LinkedIn’s social networks via sponsored posts and other tactics. Our advertising agency in India uses Linkedin Ads to generate leads, get an online reputation, promote content, and more. LinkedIn ads provide many benefits to companies, not just for added reach and recognition, but the opportunity to increase sales and be a part of an industry’s social media presence. Linked ads are useful to grow business in many ways, which are as follows.

We create LinkedIn ADs to:

  1. Access to reach a massive audience
  2. Target your audience with accuracy
  3. Customise your business to your budget
  4. Directly communicate with members of your target market.
  5. Support your account-based marketing campaigns
  6. Create a variety of ads. 

YouTube Ads

Given below are six types of YouTube ads and the methods our  advertising agency in India use to advertise:


Overlay Ads

These types of ads are the ads that run along the bottom of the YouTube video as banner advertisements. These are the overlay ads. These are the simple ads in the form of texts which can be running along. Or also, these can be image-based banners. This kind of advertising is likely to catch an eye.

Bumper Ads

These are not skippable ads. These last for only six seconds if you see the maximum limit. These are almost like unskippable ads. Bumper ads are paid for on an individual basis known as CPM. 


Paid Ads by Digital Screw

Display Ads

Display ads are mostly found to appear on the top of the suggestion list that one gets for videos. AdWords can be used to manage these display ads from within. This can allow you to achieve maximum reach by doubling up with the Display Network. The suggestion lists help to a great extent. Our  advertising agency in India helps with efficient management.


True View Ads

This is a category of ads that probably falls in the list of the most effective ways involved in driving brand engagement. This is done on YouTube. These ads are skippable. The duration of skipping every time is five seconds. Sincere View ads are one of the safest ways for advertising on YouTube. This is because one has to pay for these ads only when the viewer is watching them. The optimization, in this case, is done based on a lot of other options by our  advertising agency in India. Right View ads are available in two formats. These are In-Stream ads and Discovery ads. Google came up with this concept of True view, which is used to improve the reach. This serves as a brand new way of optimising True View ads. This can be done based on one’s campaign goals. One can avoid paying for the moments when a viewer is watching the advertisement till completion. Instead, they can pay when True View enables cost per moment. This type of optimization can be achieved by ads that fall under the duration of six to thirty seconds.

Sponsored Cards

Cards are minimal CTA pop-ups that often appear within YouTube players. These can be used for adding interactivity to the videos. This is done on desktop or mobile. A small information icon is used to depict the cards which are sponsored. These are also at times accompanied by text CTA that generally appear on mouse hovering.

Non-Skippable video Ads

These ads are of more extended duration. These tell stories that have a deep meaning, and the narration takes a short period. These are a bit in-depth. These are one of those ads which are paid for on a CPM basis. These ads cannot be skipped and have a time limit of around 15 to 20 seconds. This is great news for mobile users. Shorter ads use fewer amounts of data. The stories in this kind of ads are well. 

Google Ads

  • Display Network campaigns: They are in image form, and these ads appear on apps or websites that your clients visit.
  • Search Network campaigns: They are in text form, and the ads will be shown on the Google search results pages so that when someone searches for the services and products, they find them.
  • Video Campaigns: The campaigns usually range from six to fifteen seconds, and these ads are displayed during or before YouTube content.


PPC or Pay Per Clicks entails that you can pay only for the ad if any user or visitor clicks on it. Cost per engagement or impression where the payment releases based on when the user completes the target or how many times the ad was displayed.

Social Media Ads

According to recent research, India had more than 258 million users of different social media platforms. The most loved platforms and most prominently used platforms are the best places to place your digital ads and make sure that you reach the right and potential patients. As a business, you need a frame, blueprint, and strategy to develop your social media and then place digital ads.