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In the past few years, you must have heard people talk about SEO or desperately search for an SEO company in India that can help them ace their business. It is because the right SEO services in India can truly help business owners create handy, robust, and user-friendly websites for the products they offer or services they deliver. The best SEO company in India, such as Digital Screw, will not blandly create a website for you, but they will also ensure that it ranks higher in search engines.

What is SEO?

Let us start by understanding what SEO is? SEO or search engine optimization is the process of improvising your website to enhance its visibility when people search for relatable services/products on Google and other search engines. 

The higher a business website appears in the search engine, the higher its chances to acquire attention. Yes, that’s right. That’s how things work on the web. SEO is the process of acquiring better visibility to your pages in search results; it will attract prospective and existing customers to your business. So let us swiftly move towards unveiling how SEO works?

How does SEO work?

One of the biggest search engines, Google, utilizes bots to crawl pages on the web, visiting site to site and abruptly collecting information about those pages and putting them under a category or index. So, to be precise, you can consider this index a giant library that can pull up a web page to help you look out for precisely what you are searching for. 

Post all this; the algorithm analyses the pages in the index and considers hundreds of ranking factors or signals to determine that order pages appear in the search results for any given query. The web reads all the information and can easily tell the internet users and people searching for information what they are exactly searching for.  

But you must understand like paid search Ads, you can not get better rankings based on money. Yes, that’s right. It leaves you with only one solution, which is to trust experts. That’s exactly where the best SEO company in India kicks in to help you. 

The moment we take a client on board, we start working on our periodic table of SEO factors. Being the best SEO company in India would like to break it to you; we divide the factors into six main categories and weight each based on its overall importance to SEO. To be precise, content quality, keyword research, Ads and more for content optimization, speed, crawlability for best site architecture. All these SEO practices we follow will help you succeed in search results for your small business, food blog, and online store.

Our SEO Services in India

Link Building

Link Building is the process of building hyperlinks or backlinks to a website in order to reach the goal of increasing the visibility of search engines. The link building will help users to navigate between pages on search engines and the more authentic links would lead to more search results. We advance the benefits of link building to improve the value of the content ultimately leading to rank increase on search engines.

Local SEO

Local SEO makes the physical location or the physical area of your business more visible to the users. The local map pack will help your website to increase your reach among the people. We use directories for local businesses, social media portals and various search engines to optimise the rank in the location of your business.

On-Page Optimisation

For best SEO results it is important to have quality content that would make your page more visible than your competitors. We always ensure that there are appropriate tags, content, headings, and proper meta descriptions to boost your traffic among the websites.

Off-Page Optimisation

Off-page optimization is considered work outside your website. It revolves around proper backlinks to increase the strength and reach of your content. We make use of backlinks in your content, blogs or articles and publish it on more reputable sites. We also make sure to publish it on various social media sites in order to get organic search results.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important step in SEO, it is basically a process in which we search the popular keywords that people type on search engines like Google and strategically use them in the content to make your content rank higher on Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves the process of handling all the technical details about SEO. It helps the website to crawl and increase the reach on the search engines. We use professional Technical SEO experts to use tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console and various other methods that will ultimately help you in increasing your rank.

Website Speed

Website speed also plays an important role in increasing your website rank on the search engines. We help you to reduce the website bounce rate and make your website speed faster. It would help the users to have better website experience and strategically optimise the rank on search engines.

Optimise Site Structure and codes

To be real, there is always something a website requires to outweigh the competitors. Our experts structure the site for easy navigation to the users, clarify the codes so that the website can run faster, eliminate errors and various other services to ensure better search results.

What makes us the Top SEO Company in India?

If you are worried about your website reach and how you would increase your rank, then your wait is over. We at Digital Screw provide well executed SEO services in India. We provide full time service and act as an Online Marketing Agency to make your brand a huge success.

Dedicated SEO  Experts

We provide expert services to the website. We have a team of experienced people dedicated to providing comprehensive SEO services in India to maximise the search results. We work with our clients to understand your business needs and aspirations to provide you a competitive edge on search engines.

Analytics Report

We at Digital Screw, best Digital Marketing agency in India, provide consistent reports on Google analytics of your website. We keep a track, test and change according to the requirements to always keep your website on high rank.

Customised SEO Plans

We have customised SEO plans to understand your business demands and accelerate it to reach its goals and objectives.

Why Choose Digital Screw Digital Marketing Services?

We will help you to make a huge difference in your business and brand. The right SEO agency in India will help you generate traffic and build personalised relations with your users

Professional SEO services

Your research for a professional SEO expert is now over. We have a personalised team that provides professional SEO services to the users.

Target your Audience

We have a team that optimises your website to gain a targeted audience and readers in order to increase the search rank on search engines.

Experienced SEO Agency

We have many years of SEO experience and always keep your website on top and ahead of your competitors with effective strategy.

SEO Campaign Manager

Digital Screw is dedicated to be your SEO campaign manager by keeping all the records of changes in the algorithm and acting accordingly for your website.

Lead Generation

We help our clients in business monitoring of your competitors and gauge their capabilities. By using this method, we reach your competitors and generate leads for your website.